10 Essential Tasks Of A Creative Seo Agency

Since the immediate surge in digital marketing in recent years, many young entrepreneurs in Australia now dream of having an SEO Agency. Meanwhile, it’s unfortunate that most SEO agency operators dive into the business for-profits, making them less productive in their core duties. 

Many SEO agencies have failed to sustain operations because they are not conversant with what their clients expect from hiring them. While profit-making is always behind every business motive, it is essential to provide the best service to stay at the top level of the business, resulting in more profits. 

One of the most significant challenges of the many SEO agencies is that they don’t know their core responsibilities. If your SEO agency is underperforming or struggling to meet up with other SEO agencies’ high standards in the industry, you are reading the right article. 

Though SEO services vary depending on the contract, an SEO agency here are ten essential tasks that want to get creative and productive.

Ten essential tasks of a creative SEO Agency

1. Develop an SEO perspective.

As an SEO agency, your point of view matters. It starts by knowing what SEO stands for, how to use it effectively to promote business, and most importantly, what the client requires of you. What makes it difficult for many SEO agencies to survive the heat is that they have an average business point of view. 

Your primary goal as an SEO agency is to make the business visible on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more. You have to acknowledge that in everything you do. If you have already formulated the idea that your client’s business should be the first Google users should click, everything you do will be in tune with that mindset. learn more about Clicking This Link

2. Update your client along the process 

Your clients are your business partners. You must consistently update them about what works and what does not. You should communicate with your clients regularly and be sure you get helpful feedback before proceeding to another level in the process. Click here to read about A Guide to Search Engine Optimization for SEO Agencies.

SEO business requires identifying problems and providing lasting solutions. It won’t be easy to achieve success in the SEO business without clear and timely communication. When your clients’ algorithm update is ready, yell them. When there’s a new search result feature that your clients can take benefit from, tell them. Communication is key to success for an SEO agency.

3. Research Keyword Themes 

Search Engine Optimization is nothing without keywords. Good content padded with keywords helps a website to rank organically in search results. Meanwhile, keywords have to be trendy and relevant in a general context. 

Making seasoned relevant keyword research is exclusive to an SEO agency. It is part of your essential tasks as a creative SEO agency. Keyword determines the themes that your client’s website contents need to be relevant in search engines. Researching keyword themes also play a vital role in action item prioritization, content strategy, and risk management.

4. Define SEO strategy and objectives.

It’s somewhat challenging setting goals for the growth of a business. But with a robust methodology, you can set realistic and achievable goals to move the company to the expected end. 

We have many SEO agencies scattered around Australia, so you can’t afford to do some guesswork for your clients. Develop a strategy that will deliver outstanding results and can last for several years. Your SEO goals should focus on the website’s usability, natural search performance, and further improvements. That will keep you aligned with your client’s business goals and enable you to build a healthy and productive business relationship. 

5. Initiate web content strategy 

Content strategy is an essential factor in organic search performance. Though it is not your responsibility as an SEO agency to provide content for your client’s website, you should have enough experience creating good content for the site. 

You should develop the capacity to generate trending content ideas using visitor’s organic search behaviors, general search trends, and client’s website architecture. A creative SEO agency should also have vast experience designing and developing good content that can drive heavy traffic to the client’s website through organic search performance. 

6. Continual performance report.

We have already discussed that as an SEO agency, you need to work closely with your clients. Yet, no matter how close you have been working with your client, you still need to give your client a monthly report. This report would contain what your agency has implemented and recommended, the recommendations’ essence, and the next month’s goals. 

This is an excellent way to show your clients your management’s efficiency and keep them updated with the projects’ progress. Constant report on performance also provides a detailed timeline of activities.

7. Keep an eye on webmaster tools.

Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console provides detailed information about every website. Some of the information you can access through those tools include impressions, crawl statistics, errors, traffic, and rankings. 

As an SEO agency, you are responsible for keeping an eye on all that regularly to monitor every activity that goes on the site. When any search engines send a message to your client via webmaster tools, you should make sure you investigate it and give your findings report to your client.

 8. Respond to Emergencies 

Your clients are integral parts of your business and vice versa. What happens to your clients happens to you. You need to be aware that you are not an independent agent; you are an extension of your client’s business. When crises arise and put everything on hold, as an SEO agency that works for the company, you also on hold. The idea is to do everything in favor of your client’s business.

9. Audit your client’s website regularly.

Search engine change, and so are websites too. As an SEO agency, you have to ensure that you audit your client’s website frequently (monthly or quarterly), depending on how much time you have, to evaluate every change and make amendments accordingly.  

10. Identify Technical Issues.

As an SEO agency, it is your responsibility to research, identify and solve every technical issue that has to do with crawling, relevance, indexing, and authority. A creative SEO agent should know to provide ultimate solutions to coding and technical issues. 


Though the SEO business industry is saturated, you can become one of the most reputable agencies if you commit every team member to the above listed ten essential tasks. Most of the top SEO agencies you know today know what to deliver and the right time to do so. 

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